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6 Ornamental Gardening Tips for Artificial Grass in San Antonio TX

Synthetic Putting Green Installation in with Plants and Flowers

First, let’s get one thing straight: yes, you can grow a live garden when you have artificial grass in San Antonio, TX! You don’t have to sacrifice your green thumb in exchange for a low-maintenance and green lawn. In fact, synthetic turf products are better for your garden in several ways:

  • Synthetic turf won’t compete for water and nutrients with your other plants.
  • It won’t harbor weed seeds or insects.
  • It will never get muddy when you water it.
  • No more worrying about lawn diseases.
  • It will always look green and lush, making it the perfect backdrop for your favorite blooms and plants!

Additionally, you can grow any type of garden using planters, pots and raised beds on the best artificial grass in San Antonio TX. In this article, we’re focusing on ornamental gardening and how San Antonio homeowners can pull it off on artificial turf installations.

What is Ornamental Gardening?

Ornamental gardening or flower gardens, are exactly what they sound like: green spaces filled with decorative plants and shrubs. When done correctly ornamental gardens are both functional and aesthetically-pleasing at the same time!

What’s the Difference Between Ornamental and Functional Gardening?

Functional gardens are those that serve a specific purpose. Fruit trees, vegetable plants and herb gardens are all functional as they fill your home with things that you enjoy eating. Meanwhile ornamental flowers and shrubs tend to be planted for their beauty alone – rather than providing sustenance.

How Do I Get Started with Ornamental Gardening on Synthetic Grass?

  • 1. Choose the Right Plants for Synthetic Grass

    If you have a patio or porch, it’s simple to begin growing ornamental plants in pots or planters. You can take advantage of full sun plantings all year long, including pansies, impatiens, geraniums, verbena and zinnias! In the shade, you can get started with hostas, ferns, shasta daisies, and caladiums.

    Don’t worry about damaging your synthetic grass with heavy pots, because they won’t! A high-quality artificial grass installation in San Antonio TX is extremely durable. This means you can put down your pots and planters without fear of crushing the blades or ripping the backing.

  • 2. Container Gardening

    Container gardens are another popular option for ornamental gardening, since they allow you to mix and match plants until you find exactly what you want. The sky’s the limit when it comes to planters, which means that your synthetic grass garden can be anything from a high-end all-white garden with silk trees to a home for your favorite gnomes!

  • 3. Annuals vs. Perennials

    Annuals are flowers that live for only one year. You can start them from seeds or plants and they usually reseed themselves naturally, giving you free annuals every year! Perennials are plants that come back each year without needing to be replanted. Either way, both of these types of flowers make excellent ornamental plants for your synthetic lawn or garden.

  • 4. Mixing and Matching

    Most people don’t like to see their entire lawn (or garden) filled with a single kind of plant. To make your synthetic yard look more interesting, try mixing and matching different flower varieties in the same space! The easiest way to do this is by creating “drifts,” which means planting flowers in large groups for a full landscape effect.

  • 5. Be Creative with Location

    Since synthetic grass can be installed anywhere, nothing’s stopping you from creating an ornamental garden anywhere in your home! Don’t have an actual yard? No problem! Just install your synthetic grass on your porch, patio, balcony or rooftop and go from there.

  • 6. Pruning and Trimming

    Pruning and trimming are the easiest way to make any ornamental plant look good. Remove dead flowers, branches, stems and leaves from time to time to encourage new growth.

    However, make sure to clean up the area ASAP. Don’t leave all that organic debris to rot on your synthetic turf. Otherwise, it can lead to fungal growth, bacteria and even attract pests to your artificial grass.

Grow Your Dream Garden on Artificial Grass in San Antonio, TX!

Synthetic grass is a wonderful option for people who want to enjoy the benefits of having a garden but don’t want to deal with the stress of caring for real grass.

If you would like more information on how Amazing Turf and Lawn can help you create this oasis at home, give us a call today at 210-899-0516 or send us a message using our online form!