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Amazing Turf and Lawn: Your Expert Installer of Top-Quality Artificial Grass in San Antonio, TX

Tired of watering, weeding, mowing, fertilizing and keeping up with the maintenance requirements of your lawn? Simplify your upkeep routine with premium artificial grass in San Antonio, TX. It’s easy when you choose Amazing Turf and Lawn for all of your synthetic grass needs!

Take your pick from our wide selection of premium synthetic turf. Then, entrust your project to our team of expert installers and look forward to a pristine, evergreen lawn that will last up to 15 years or more!


Level Up Your Lawn Experience Today!

Switch to synthetic grass for a lush, beautiful landscape that’s a breeze to maintain. However, that’s just one of the reasons why it’s becoming an increasingly popular landscaping material. Here’s why it’s an excellent alternative to the real thing:

Lifelike Features

Most people can’t tell the difference between synthetic grass and its natural counterpart. It mimics the look and feel of the real thing perfectly.

Next-Level Durability

Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf is tough enough to accommodate heavy furniture and equipment without getting lasting damage. It’s can also endure high foot traffic, constant use, pet antics and harsh weather conditions.

Eco-friendly Option

Give back to the environment when you go synthetic! Artificial grass doesn’t need toxic solutions, such as pesticides and weedicides, to stay in top condition. Our products are also made from recycled materials.



Easy Maintenance

Artificial grass upkeep is simple. Just take off debris from its surface regularly, hose it down to remove waste residues, and wash it with a soap and water solution in case of unpleasant smells. Finally, brush up its grass blades occasionally to keep them upright.

Outstanding Drainage

Never worry about unsightly puddles forming on your lawn again with artificial grass in San Antonio, TX! Our synthetic turf installations can drain up to 130 gallons of water per minute per square yard.

Instant Savings

Going synthetic sets you free from several costly grass upkeep chores, including watering and applying fertilizers, pesticides and other chemical solutions.  It also removes the need to purchase expensive fuel for lawnmowers. Save more money in the long run!

Heat-Blocking Technology

While synthetic materials tend to heat up fast under the sun, the same does not apply to our artificial grass products. They stay cool in the sun thanks to our advanced heat-blocking technology.

Services we offer

instants savings

Instants Savings

No more watering, paying for lawn care or having to do it yourself!


Cost to Install Natural Grass (1,500 sq. ft.)

Ground Prep and Sod (Bermuda) $1,500
Sprinkler System $3,000
Installation $2,250
Total Cost to Install Natural Grass $6,750

Cost of Natural Grass Maintenance for One Year

Mowing- 20 times per year@ $25 $500
Fertilizing-2 times per year @ $50 $100
Water Expenses $600
Weed Kill-2 times per year @ $50 $100
Aeration-1 time per year @ $100 $100
Sprinkler and other Maintenance $300
Annual Total Cost of Maintenance $1,700

Cost of Amazing Turf Grass Installation

1,500 sq. ft Amazing Turf @ $10.00 per square foot* $15,000
*The price of the amazing turf may be higher or lower due to actual square footage or higher due to the choice of premium turf.

Annual Cost Comparison of Natural Grass vs. Amazing Turf Grass Over 10 Years

Natrual Grass Amazing Turf
Year 1: $8,450 $15,000
Year 2: $10,150 $ 0
Year 3: $11,850 $ 0
Year 4: $13,550 $ 0
Year 5: $15,250 $ 0
Year 6: $16,950 $ 0
Year 7: $18,650 $ 0
Year 8: $20,350 $ 0
Year 9: $22,050 $ 0
Year 10: $23,750 $ 0

Savings Over 10 Years: $8,750 (if water prices stayed the same)

free estimates

Free Estimates

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Spring Sales

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Green Up Residential and Commercial Spaces

At Amazing Turf and Lawn, no job is too simple or complicated for our team. Whether you want to redesign your entire yard with artificial turf in San Antonio, TX, or spruce up your business establishment, our expert team has you covered. Here are some of our most popular installations:

  • Yards
  • Playgrounds
  • Petscapes
  • Putting Greens
  • Swimming Pool Surrounds
  • Patios and Porches
  • Balconies and Rooftops
  • Indoors Spaces
  • Event Venues
  • Sports Facilities

Project Gallery

Perfect for Residential Landscapes
Perfect for Residential Landscapes
Easy to incorporate with other landscaping
Easy to incorporate with other landscaping
Ideal for areas where it's hard to grow natural grass
Ideal for areas where it's hard to grow natural grass
Great around pools
Great around pools
Great for pets, they'll never track mud in the house again!
Great for pets, they'll never track mud in the house again!
A great option for restaurants and commercial applications
A great option for restaurants and commercial applications
Stays green year round, even during droughts
Stays green year round, even during droughts
A great yard that you'll never have to mow
A great yard that you'll never have to mow

Enjoy Your Dream Landscape with Amazing Turf and Lawn

Let us handle your project! We have everything you’ll need to guarantee a successful installation, from top-quality artificial turf and grass accessories to customized landscape design and expert installation services. Call us now at (210) 446-9747 to get a FREE estimate of your project!

An Amazing Turf lawn Is The Landscape You've Always Dreamed Of Coming Home To!


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