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Trust Artificial Grass Installation in San Antonio, TX for Realistic, Beautiful Putting Greens


With artificial grass installation in San Antonio, TX, you’re just one step away from turning your backyard into the putting green of your dreams. Imagine being able to step out into your lawn and practicing your hole-in-ones anytime, as long as you want! Amazing Turf and Lawn is the leading installer of synthetic putting greens in the greater San Antonio area. Trust us to take care of your artificial grass investment, from installation to aftercare support!

Advantages of Synthetic Grass Putting Greens

It’s hard to imagine a putting green not made of real grass, but synthetic turf is changing the minds of golf fans everywhere. You get that pro-level ball roll, customized features and the perfectly-manicured aesthetics of a golf range —without spending a ton of time and money maintaining the lawn.

Using artificial grass for your backyard putting green offers:

  • A realistic play surface

Putting green grass mimics the mechanics of a natural golfing range. We can even combine pile heights and weights to achieve the gameplay you’re looking for. Whether you want a beginner strip or a sophisticated, professional-level course, Amazing Turf and Lawn has you covered.

  • A non-toxic, non-allergenic yard

After artificial turf installation in San Antonio, TX, you can invite anyone you want to play on your putting green! Even people who are allergic to grass pollen can now enjoy the sport when you switch to synthetic grass. Our turf products come from eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and non-toxic materials produced by the top manufacturers in the US.

  • A pet-friendly lawn

Even your dog and other pets get to join in on the fun! Putting green turf and other synthetic grass products have excellent drainage systems that direct urine from the surface to the subsoil. Turf can withstand hours of canine antics, and no amount of digging, running and jumping will damage your lawn. Double the game time fun when you install synthetic turf for your putting green and lawn!

  • A long-lasting investment

Synthetic turf can last up to 15 years or more, especially when installed by your Amazing Turf and Lawn experts. All our turf products are made from the most durable materials, and they’re covered with fantastic warranties. Most importantly, expect error-free and flawless installation from our turf specialists for a weather-resistant and super tough putting green that will last for many years.


Amazing Putting Greens for Homes and Businesses

Amazing Turf and Lawn’s putting green experts can install your private course almost anywhere you want. From backyards to front lawns, offices and indoor applications, share your ideas with our team and we will make it happen!

We can install synthetic grass on your:

✔ Yard
✔ Playground
✔ Patio and porch
✔ Roof deck
✔ Office
✔ Event venues
✔ Indoor living spaces
✔ Mini-golf area
✔ Commercial putting green spaces
✔ And more!

Get Started with Your Putting Green Installation!

Saying goodbye to driving to the golf range, paying for tee time and waiting for the weekend just to practice your putting and chipping! Amazing Turf and Lawn’s putting green experts are ready to kickstart your artificial grass installation in San Antonio, TX. Call us today at (210) 446-9747 to get a FREE quote and for any inquiries!

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