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Quality you can see, with a warranty you can depend on.

If you desire a landscape that mirrors nature, boasts remarkable durability, requires minimal upkeep, and withstands various weather conditions, look no further than the exceptional range of synthetic grass and accessories offered by Amazing Turf and Lawn!

Our Artificial Grass Products

Here at Amazing Turf and Lawn, we carry a wide selection of artificial turf from the top manufacturers in the US. Get your synthetic turf project started by taking your pick from our lineup of the best artificial grass in San Antonio, TX:

Amazing Lawn Series

Hill Country Series

An Amazing Turf lawn Is The Landscape You've Always Dreamed Of Coming Home To!

Invest Only in Premium Artificial Grass for Your Installations

Find guaranteed quality and reliable warranty here at Amazing Turf and Lawn. Look forward to these amazing advantages when you choose our first-rate products for your project:

Enjoy a pristine, evergreen landscape

Get turf that looks and feels like the real thing

Prevent puddles with an efficient drainage system

Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming maintenance chores

Never deal with dirt, mud tracks and grass stains while staying in your lawn

Take off toxic weedicides and pesticides from upkeep routine

Save more money over the years

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Turn your dream landscape into a reality with the help of expert installers from Amazing Turf and Lawn. Call us now at 956-628-4120 to get a FREE estimate on your project!

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