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Pedigree Turf: The Best Artificial Grass for Pets in San Antonio, TX

Pedigree is one of the best artificial grass for pets we have here at Amazing Turf & Lawn. We highly recommend it for any type of landscape that pets will use, from backyard dog runs to commercial pet facilities.

Soft-Spun Artificial Grass Fibers

Our Pedigree product features soft-spun sports blades. Softer than traditional monofilament turf blades, this type of fiber tends to have flatter shapes, sometimes with a C-shaped or diamond cross-section. 

This gives Pedigree a luxuriously soft and plush feel underfoot, while being gentle on your dog’s paws and skin. So whether they’re lounging, playing, or running, this grass ensures your pet’s comfort at all times.

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Tough Polyethylene Pet Turf

Pedigree artificial grass is made primarily from polyethylene material. Polyethylene fibers are designed to handle constant foot traffic, running, and even digging attempts from our furry companions. They don’t easily mat down or flatten, maintaining the grass-like appearance over time.

Advanced  MaxxFlow™ Drainage System

MaxxFlow™ is an advanced drainage system that makes our Pedigree artificial grass 100% permeable. This allows urine, water, and other liquids to drain directly through the turf and into the ground below, preventing them from accumulating and stagnating. 

By efficiently removing liquids, MaxxFlow helps reduce the environment for bacteria growth, contributing to a cleaner and more sanitary pet turf installation.

Olive Green & Field Green Color Blend

Real grass isn’t a uniform shade of green. It has a natural variation in color due to factors like sunlight, shading, and blade maturity. Pedigree’s blend of olive and field green replicates this natural color variation. 

Using two different shades also adds depth and dimension. Together, they create a layering effect that helps to break up the monotony of a single green color and creates a more natural and textured look.

71 oz Face Weight

Pedigree artificial grass has a 71 oz face weight. When it comes to synthetic turf, a higher face weight means thicker, denser fibers. This boosts the resilience of Pedigree turf, allowing it to withstand clawing and digging, especially for spaces with multiple dogs and high levels of activity.

1.5-inch Pile Height

Complementing that face weight is a 1.5-inch pile height, which refers to the length of the artificial grass blades. This gives our Pedigree artificial grass a more cushioned surface, which can be beneficial for pets’ joints, especially during playtime or for older dogs. It also allows for excellent drainage, especially when combined with MaxxFlow. 

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