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How Is Artificial Turf Attached to the Ground?

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Real grass has roots that go deep into the soil and anchor it down. What about residential artificial turf? It looks and feels like natural grass, but you can’t just roll it out onto your yard and call it a day. 

The truth is, most of the work happens under and around all that beautiful synthetic turf. We don’t just attach artificial grass to soil – it’s a multi-layer installation process. Done right, your new synthetic lawn stays firmly anchored despite heavy storms, strong winds, foot traffic, and high levels of activity. 

How We Install Artificial Grass – A Quick Preview

Here’s a sneak peek at how we do it:

Preparing the Installation Site

The first step in installing artificial grass is preparing the installation site. This includes removing any existing grass, plants, or debris, plus a few inches of soil. The ground then needs to be leveled and compacted to create a secure base. Any dips, bumps, or uneven areas can cause wrinkles or raised edges in the finished product.

Professionals use equipment like rototillers and lawn rollers to finely grade the soil. By expertly calibrating the slope and drainage, we prevent water pooling under your new turf. 

Proper grading protects your investment by allowing rainfall to run off instead of accumulating. If you install synthetic grass in low-lying areas without adequate drainage, it can lead to detachment and lifted seams when water builds up underneath.

Installing a Weed Barrier

Before laying any artificial grass, it’s crucial to install a weed barrier fabric over the prepared base. This barrier blocks sunlight to prevent weed growth and seed germination underneath the turf. It also stabilizes the materials layered above it while still allowing water drainage.

Aligning and Trimming the Turf

With the base prepped and barrier installed, it’s time to roll out your artificial grass. Using professional turf tools, we will carefully align and trim the turf to fit your unique space. Proper planning and pattern alignment keeps the grain and color consistency optimal across seams.

Securing Artificial Turf Around the Perimeter

The simplest method of securing artificial grass is around the edges. We typically use turf nails, 12-inch landscape staples, or 6-inch galvanized spikes around the perimeter to firmly fasten it in place. The spikes are driven through the backing of the turf into the ground below. Some installations also use adhesive or seaming tape for extra holding power.

Securing Seams and Problem Areas

For large installations, multiple turf rolls will need to be seamed together. Quality turf should have durable backing that allows for tight seams without gaps or overlaps. Using sod staples, specialty seaming tape, or supplemental adhesives, we will seam and secure the turf rolls together. This prevents future separation, lifting, or raised edges.

In areas that may get extra stress and wear, like pet paths or play areas, additional staples can be used as needed. High foot traffic zones or sloped sections may require further reinforcement to keep  turf flat and taut.

Brushing Infill Into the Artificial Grass

Finally, we will spread infill over the artificial grass and brush it between the blades. Infill mimics the look and feel of soil, and it also improves drainage for a synthetic lawn. It also weighs down the turf further while supporting the blades, making the turf more secure and able to withstand wear and tear without flattening.

The Risks of DIY Artificial Grass Installation

Many homeowners consider DIY artificial grass installation to save on their landscaping in San Antonio, Texas. However, improper installation causes issues requiring expensive re-dos and turf replacement later on. Wrinkles, detached edges, and uneven seams are just some of the problems that occur with amateur installations.

By trusting trained artificial grass professionals here at Amazing Turf and Lawn, you ensure your new lawn stays flawlessly attached for years of enjoyment. Our expertise installing hundreds of synthetic lawns gives us the skills to adeptly secure turf even on challenging terrain such as slopes.

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Artificial Turf

Installing artificial grass is complex, but with Amazing Turf and Lawn, you can sit back and relax while we handle everything for you. Call us today at 210-899-0516 or send us a message to book your FREE consultation. We’ll answer all your questions, walk you through your options, and help you come up with a design that complements both your home and lifestyle.