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5 Ways Artificial Turf in San Antonio, TX Fights Bacteria on Your Lawn

How Artificial Turf in San Antonio TX Beats Bacteria on Your Lawn

Maintaining a healthy lawn can be quite difficult if you have pets. Some of their antics may not only wreck the lawn but also put their health and safety at risk due to bacteria buildup. That is why more and more pet owners are choosing artificial turf in San Antonio, TX for their lawns.

How Bacteria Build Up Happens in Lawns With Pets

Natural grass does not repel pet waste; it absorbs it. That is why natural grass and soil combinations can be a haven for bacteria when a pet urinates or defecates on the lawn.

Moreover, the pH level of a dog’s urine will kill the grass, and promote bacteria growth.

This is not just unsightly, but also dangerous to your pet’s health. Because pets are low to the ground, they are more likely to ingest bacteria while they are eating, playing, or grooming themselves.

It’s also more difficult to get rid of bacteria once they find their way into the soil.

And if those challenges are not enough, insects love to swarm around any form of organic matter.

So, let’s say you feed your dog outside or allow them out into the garden to do their business. Chances are there will be more insects than you would like. These insects can carry dangerous diseases for you and your pets.

Take note that bacteria-related issues aren’t the only hazards that a natural lawn can pose on your pets. Natural turf can pose other health and safety risks for dogs.

5 Ways Artificial Turf in San Antonio, TX Beats Bacteria in Pet Spaces

Non-Absorbent Materials

Synthetic turf is made of plastics like polyethylene, which don’t absorb moisture or liquid, including dog urine. This prevents pet waste from seeping into and staying in the ground and keeps any bacteria from collecting in pockets that are hard to get at with standard cleaning methods. Pet turf also contains antimicrobial fibers that help fight bacteria.

Covers the Soil

Pet turf can be used to cover the ground completely. When dogs use the turf as their bathroom, their waste will not mix with the bacteria in the soil. This can go a long way in preventing your lawn from becoming a hotbed of bacteria and diseases.

Drains Urine Efficiently

Pet turf channels urine away from your lawn through a sophisticated drainage system.

The synthetic grass itself has hundreds of tiny holes capable of draining as much as 30 inches of rain per hour. Under the turf is a drainage mat that directs the flow into the sub-base below. Once on the sub-base, all liquids get directed to the street drainage.

Does Not Attract Insects

Artificial grass installation in San Antonio, TX doesn’t attract insects because it does not have the nutrients found in natural grass that critters feed on. Even if you were unable to pick up after your dog or hose down their urine quickly, there will be fewer pests feasting on the pet waste.

Easy to Clean and Disinfect

Pet waste has a lot of bacteria. But if you have pet turf, you can easily disinfect it. Unlike natural grass, which you can’t wash or clean easily, you can sanitize turf. This means that no matter what kind of bacteria might be lurking in your backyard from your dog’s waste, you will be able to kill it off and keep your lawn safe for everyone who uses it.

Keep Your Lawn Bacteria-Free for Your Pets With Pet Turf

Artificial grass can make a difference in your lawn by creating a safe environment for your pet to play in. You can’t go wrong with investing in a synthetic turf installation for your home.

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