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The Best Artificial Grass in San Antonio TX: Safety First for Your Pet!

Dogs believe they’re invincible. They can play for hours, shake off the occasional tumble and they’ll try to eat anything that doesn’t eat them first. As the owner, it’s your job to protect them from both their rambunctious selves and their environment. The best artificial grass in San Antonio TX goes a long way in helping you do that.

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The Risks of Natural Grass for Your Pet

Natural grass is green, beautiful and unfortunately, full of hazards for our canine friends. 

For example, many dogs suffer from intestinal parasites that they pick up by eating grass, soil, and all the bacteria that come with the two. Other common hazards include chemicals, fertilizers and insecticides that are used to treat the grass. 

Even without these risks, natural grass is not always the best surface for dogs to play on. The blades of grass and dirt can cause cuts and scrapes on their paws. Additionally, some dogs have an allergic reaction to the grass itself, leading to itchy and uncomfortable skin.

Add the ruts, holes, slippery mud and a host of other trip hazards and it’s no surprise that so many dog owners are looking for other options. 

How Artificial Grass in San Antonio TX Keeps Dogs Safe

Artificial grass is more than just pretty – it also offers a much safer option for San Antonio pet owners and their furry friends. Here’s how:

1. No Pesticides or Chemicals

Because artificial grass doesn’t need to be treated with chemicals and pesticides, it’s the perfect surface for your dog to play on without coming into contact with toxins. 

2. No Ruts or Holes

Natural grass can form ruts and holes that can trip and injure dogs, especially older dogs and those with arthritis, hip dysplasia or other mobility issues. In contrast, artificial grass has an even and smooth surface that provides a stable surface for pets to walk, explore and play on.

3. No Slippery Surfaces

Something as simple as slippery wet grass can be incredibly dangerous for dogs, especially the elderly or young puppies who are just learning how to walk on their own four feet. 

The best artificial turf in San Antonio TX provides a slip-resistant surface that is much less likely to become slippery no matter how wet it gets. And instead of soaking into the soil and creating mud, any moisture simply drains through the backing. 

4. Easy to Clean

Dirty paws are a given with dogs, but mud and grass can make it difficult to clean them off. Many dogs go home and immediately start walking or running in the house, which only spreads the dirt around. 

Artificial grass is a snap to clean and keep clean – simply hose it off or even use a pressure washer. Your dog is going to play in the yard with clean paws and come home with the same.

5. Safe for Puppies

There’s no doubt that dogs love to chew on just about anything they can find, including blades of grass. Unfortunately, there are several risks involved, namely intestinal parasites and lawn chemicals. 

Curious puppies should be taught not to eat anything but the food you provide for them, but accidents happen even with the best of training. With artificial turf installation in San Antonio TX, you don’t have to worry about your little guy (or gal) accidentally ingesting harmful substances, because they can’t chew or rip up the turf.

6. Bad Odors Begone

Lawn chemicals, bacteria, poop, pee and the sun’s heat can contribute to a lawn that smells anything but fresh. Even if you clean up after your dog, the stench can linger and even ruin the look of your lawn.

Artificial grass is coated with an antimicrobial layer that prevents odors from becoming a problem. It’s also much easier to clean. Like we mentioned earlier, moisture simply drains through the base and this includes pee.

7. No Grass to Mow

If you hate mowing the lawn as much as your dog loves chewing it, then artificial grass is a must. Artificial grass requires practically no maintenance and there’s no need for a riding lawn mower or gas-powered weed wacker – ever.

8. Pest-Free, All the Time

Again, one of the biggest issues with natural grass is infestation by all sorts of pests, including fleas, ticks and parasites. These bugs can bite your dog, which not only causes irritation but also opens up the possibility of infection. Even scarier, these bugs can carry dangerous diseases that can affect both your dog and you. 

Many homeowners have found that artificial grass eliminates the problems with fleas, ticks and other pests because it doesn’t support their life cycle. There is no organic material for them to live on, so they can’t survive on a synthetic lawn at all.

Learn More About the Best Artificial Grass in San Antonio TX

Wouldn’t it be great to not worry about your dog while they’re playing in the yard? Artificial grass can provide that extra layer of safety for you and your pet. 

In addition to being a safe alternative for dogs, it also provides a beautiful, low-maintenance lawn that you and your family love. You can also add all sorts of fun things to your synthetic lawn, from realistic backyard putting greens to kids’ play areas, outdoor dining areas and more.

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