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Best Artificial Grass for Dogs in San Antonio TX: Is it Better than Natural Grass?

Best Artificial Grass for dogs

The best artificial grass in San Antonio, TX is a great alternative for dog owners who can’t have real grass in their yard.

Dogs love to run and play on the lawn, but sometimes natural grass just isn’t practical. Holes, muddy paws, pee stains – it never ends when you have the real thing! Natural grass lawn can be terribly unsafe for your furry buddy as well.

Synthetic turf offers a win-win solution. You get a beautiful, low-maintenance and pet friendly turf, without all the issues that come with natural grass. Keep reading for a closer look at the benefits!

6 Reasons Why Dogs Are Safer on Artificial Grass

1. No more ugly, yellow patches of dead grass due to urine burn on Synthetic Grass.

Dog urine is deadly to grass because of its high nitrogen content. It causes the plant to burn and die (hence the term “urine burn”). The result is unsightly, yellow patches of grass that you need to replace over and over.

Many homeowners simply give up on having a uniformly green lawn, since growing grass is so tedious in the first place.

In contrast, pet pee has no effect on artificial turf installation in San Antonio, TX. It’ll simply drain straight through the backing. Enjoy a lush, green backyard no matter how many times your dog does their business in the yard!

2. No grass seeds to harm your dog.

Grass is a nice, natural ground cover. Unfortunately, it’s also home to hidden hazards such as grass seeds. Grass seeds can stick to your dog’s fur or get lodged in his paws, causing the seed head to prick their skin.

Eventually, this type of injury can become infected if they lick the affected area. Worse, some dogs end up needing surgery, because grass seeds can easily travel to the lungs, throat and other organs.

Artificial grass installation in San Antonio, TX offers the simplest and most effective solution to the issue— not only will it remove all grass seeds from your lawn, but it will never produce them again.

3. No more allergens.

Did you know that dogs can be allergic to grass? It’s true! Specifically, some dogs are allergic to grass pollen, which is one of the most common allergens for people as well.

If your dog is always scratching, sneezing, losing fur and you’ve ruled out common allergens like food, then your natural lawn may be the culprit.

In this case, artificial turf installation in San Antonio, TX can be a blessing for anyone with a grass allergy in your home (both human and dogs!)

4. No more exposure to pesticides and other poisons.

Pesticides, weed killers and other grass treatments are extremely poisonous to dogs. Treating the area of the lawn where your dog usually plays is especially dangerous, since they can ingest these deadly substances just by licking themself or biting into grass blades.

Artificial turf is immune to weeds, insects and brown patches, which essentially eliminates the need for all of these chemicals.

Your synthetic lawn will always look lush and healthy without exposing your pet to dangerous substances.

5. No more slippery, dirty mud!

Unlike real grass, the best artificial grass in San Antonio, TX is completely mud-free. For one, there’s no soil and dirt to create mud.

Next, the drainage layer means no puddles forming on your lawn, no matter how hard it rains. There goes all the bacteria and slippery surfaces that come with a muddy yard as well!

6. No more fleas, ticks and other bugs.

Grass is home to all sorts of nasty little critters that are just waiting to feast on your dog. Fleas and ticks are most common, but mosquitoes can carry heartworms too!

Not only do these parasites cause itching and serious health problems in their own right, but they also attract larger predators like spiders. In turn, these venomous arachnids can cause far more serious allergic reactions to your dog.

Insects and other pests have no way to survive on synthetic turf. It’s the safest, cleanest surface for dogs you can find!

Treat Your Pet to Artificial Grass!

If you live in the San Antonio area and are trying to find a better solution for your dog’s outdoor space, Amazing Turf and Lawn would love to help!

Our synthetic turf products are durable, easy to maintain and will give your pet a safer surface on which they can run around or lounge all day long.

We offer free consultations, so call us today at 210-899-0516 or send us a quick message.

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