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Why the Best Artificial Grass in San Antonio, TX is Healthier for Dogs

The best artificial grass in San Antonio, TX is a great alternative to natural grass for many reasons. For pet owners, however, one of the most important ones is that it’s much safer and healthier for their pets.

Plus, if you have BOTH a dog and a natural lawn, you already know how much dirt and mud gets tracked into the house! Artificial turf doesn’t have these issues – not only is it more durable and beautiful than real grass, but you also get to save money by preventing trips to the vet!

why real grass can be unsafe for dog

Why Real Grass Can Be Unsafe for Your Dog

People often assume that real grass is better for dogs than artificial turf. After all, isn’t “natural” always better? However, this isn’t necessarily the case— especially not if you have a dog in the house.

There are several reasons why real grass can be dangerous to your pet (and even cause serious injuries). Here are just a few:

  • Dogs may ingest real grass, which can be harmful to them if it is fertilized or treated with pesticides.
  • Natural grass has a lot of bacteria and parasites that dogs lick off their feet and fur after they’ve been playing outside. This increases the risk of your dog contracting diseases such as Giardia, ringworm and Salmonella.
  • Unfortunately, a lot of dogs are allergic to real grass (similar to humans!). This can cause everything from redness and skin irritation or a trip to the vet if they’re severely allergic.

Why Artificial Grass is Healthier and Safer for Dogs

Artificial grass installation in San Antonio, TX pretty much solves all of the issues above and more. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Artificial Grass reduced exposure to parasites

    First, there is less risk for parasites like fleas and ticks on artificial turf than real grass. These insects feed off of organic matter found in real grass and there are none on synthetic turf.

  • Safer for dogs to walk on

    Dogs often sport injuries from running around outside due to rocks getting stuck underneath their paws which can be a hazard for both dogs and their owners.

    The fibers of artificial turf are soft and tightly packed, so they do not catch on a dog’s fur or paws the way that sharp blades of grass can.

  • Artificial Grass is Non-toxic

    As long as you invest in the best artificial grass in San Antonio, TX, you can be sure that it’s free of toxins. For one, the level of chemicals that it contains has been carefully regulated and tested. Next, it’s lead-free. Finally, there’s no need to apply pesticides or herbicides to keep alive, which further reduces the amount of toxins your pet is exposed to.

  • Fewer trip hazards

    The surface of high-quality artificial grass is smooth and even, so there are fewer chances for dogs to catch their paws in dips or ruts when they are playing or running around outside.

  • Less chance of ingesting dangerous substances

    Real grass is full of bacteria and viruses. It can be dangerous to a dog if they eat grass, which many do because they like the taste or smell. Additionally, eating lawn clippings could give your dog intestinal issues like bloating and vomiting. Some types of plants that grow in yards are also dangerous, like nightshade and lilies.

    Vegetation and growth are cleared out before artificial turf installation in San Antonio, TX, which gets rid of potentially dangerous plants and weeds from your lawn.

  • Hypoallergenic

    Artificial grass has a lot less dust than real grass, which can increase the risk of respiratory problems in pets. It doesn’t produce pollen either, which is one of the worst and most common allergens for dogs. Additionally, a well-maintained synthetic lawn won’t develop mold or mildew– something that’s common on real grass and are major allergens as well.

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Whether you have a dog who loves to dig or one that’s more on the sedentary side, artificial grass is a great option for your yard.

Aside from being safe for your pooch, it’s also easy to maintain – just hose it down! You can also get creative with some cool designs. Check out some of our favorites:

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