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What Is the Best Fake Grass for Kids?

Discover the Right Artificial Grass for Your Kids' Playground - amazingturf 2

Studies have shown that playing outside is highly beneficial for children. However, allergies, pests, mud, and regular maintenance may cause you to hesitate letting your kids loose on real grass. 

Artificial playground turf offers a great compromise. It cushions falls, stands up to rough play without getting damaged, and keeps allergens and pests at bay– all while looking as beautiful and lush as the real thing. 

Not all playground turf is equal, however. Here’s what you should look for when comparing artificial grass for your kids’ play area:

Focus on Softness and Safety

A top priority is choosing turf with a soft, grass-like texture. Avoid abrasive, overly stiff blades. The best synthetic grass for children resembles natural grass in look and feel. When kids fall, you want a gentle landing. High-quality products are safe enough for playgrounds yet realistic enough for lawns.

You can make turf even softer by integrating shock pads. This protects against injuries from falls while still enabling the ball to roll and bounce. 

Safety tests ensure that quality fake grass meets critical safety standards for playground surfacing. Ask us about this during your free consultation– we’re happy to explain the safety certifications of our artificial grass products.

Emphasize Durability

Kids are rough on grass, so durability is essential. Inferior products can fade, flatten quickly, or allow seam tape to become exposed. That’s why you should select artificial turf designed specifically to withstand child’s play. For instance, our synthetic grass has passed stringent tests for weather resistance, drainage, and wear-and-tear. Sturdy turf stays lush and springy for years so you can relax while your kids play.

Insist on Non-Toxic, Allergen-Resistant Materials

Another key parental concern is health safety. Make sure to choose artificial grass products made from non-toxic materials. Quality synthetic turf is lead-free and contains no harmful chemicals that could leach out over time. 

It’s also resistant to allergens and pests. You won’t have to worry about bees nesting or fire ants attacking. Properly installed fake grass keeps mosquitoes and ticks away too. All of this makes artificial turf ideal for children with asthma, environmental allergies, or other health issues.

Create a Fun Kids’ Play Area

The right kind of artificial grass transforms your yard into an exciting play space for kids. Combine soft turf with playsets, sandboxes, splash pads, sports courts, putting greens, and more! 

Synthetic grass is also perfect for interactive zones like hopscotch, twister, obstacle courses, and sidewalk chalk creations. Kids can comfortably picnic or read on clean, plush grass that never needs mowing.

Let your imagination run wild in designing a dream playground that keeps children active and entertained for hours. As your playground turf installer, we’ll help you integrate the various elements seamlessly into a cohesive kids’ recreation area.

Discover the Best Artificial Grass for Your Kids

We’re sure you have more questions about playground turf, so feel free to message us or call 210-899-0516 today. We can go into more detail about the safety of our products, along with other features that make them child-friendly. We’re looking forward to chatting with you!