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Artificial Grass and Paving Ideas in San Antonio, TX: Our Top Recommendations

Creating your dream garden involves combining elements. First, the best artificial grass in San Antonio, TX. It removes all the hassle of natural grass (goodbye mowing, weeding and wasting gallons of water!) and leaves behind a lush, low-maintenance synthetic grass lawn.

Next, soft landscaping elements, aka softscape, like shrubs, trees and plants bring any backyard to life. Wondering if you can mix live plants with synthetic turf? The answer is absolutely! We tackle that in our previous articles about how to integrate flowers with synthetic turf and combining existing trees with artificial grass, so go check them out!

paving best artificial grass

Third, there’s hardscape. Think stone patios, concrete pathways, decorative boulders and other “hard” materials on your lawn.

On top of that, you can add more dimension with decorative elements like lighting, fencing and water features.

However, the main elements of most backyards are the lawn and patio. In fact, if you have a limited remodelling budget, we recommend focusing on these two first. Beautiful artificial grass along with stunning paving slabs will have a massive impact on the aesthetics of your backyard.

With so many types of paving available in San Antonio, however, it can be challenging to narrow down your options.

Amazing Turf and Lawn is here to help! In this article, we list down the best artificial grass and paving ideas materials that will complement artificial grass in San Antonio, TX.


A timeless paving option, slate is a century-old building material. It’s especially popular for walling and roofing thanks to its strength and hardwearing properties. Since it’s very durable with an extended life expectancy, it’s perfect for outdoor use together with artificial grass in San Antonio.

You can get slate in gorgeous greys, purples, blues and blacks for a contemporary and clean look.

Finally, you can buy slate in “project packs” that contain slabs of different sizes you can lay in random patterns. For a more uniform look, you can also purchase them in single-size slabs.

If you’re looking for paving material that will look spectacular alongside the best artificial grass in San Antonio, TX, look no further than slate.


Similar to slate, granite is another timeless and attractive paving option for your patio and other backyard hardscape. Because it’s naturally hardwearing, it’s also an excellent way to create paths and patios that will stand the test of time.

Specifically, granite will work for both traditional and modern landscape design, so it’s incredibly versatile in terms of style. We love the speckled, subtle sparkle of granite compared with its consistent color that looks great in various settings. Use it for your grilling areas, fire pits and patio together with the best synthetic grass product.

Indian Sandstone

Indian sandstone has been a paving staple across the US for a long time. It comes in either sawn or riven varieties and often combined in mixed sizes to create random patterns.

The rippled texture of riven sandstone gives it a rustic appearance, which makes it a terrific choice if you’re going for a natural look. On the other hand, sawn sandstone boasts a smooth appearance that fits clean, modern lawn aesthetics. You can get either in various shades of autumn, buff, grey, red and lighter tones. Many slabs also have beautiful color variations and patterns running through them.

One of the best things about natural sandstone is that no two slabs look exactly the same. This will give your patio a truly interesting and unique look, especially when combined with artificial grass products.


We know what you’re thinking— but concrete is boring!

It used to be, but not anymore. Just like artificial grass, modern concrete has gone from being dull and monotonous, to truly stunning. You can now get concrete in almost countless styles, patterns and colors.

Want the look of stone but can’t afford it? You can easily find a concrete imitation and for a fraction of the price. Today’s concrete doesn’t just look amazing, but also budget-friendly.

With so many concrete varieties out there, there’s something for every type of artificial turf installation in San Antonio TX. Use it for a classic look, something more contemporary or more specific designs like a cottage-style backyard.

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