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4 Easy Ways to Integrate Flowers with the Best Artificial Grass in San Antonio, TX

The best artificial grass in San Antonio, TX doesn’t just make for a gorgeous, green lawn. It’s also the perfect material for home beautification. If your idea of a beautiful yard involves colorful and sweet-smelling flowers, you may be on the fence about going synthetic. However, you can absolutely enjoy live plants and flowers once you switch to turf using a few practical tips.

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How to Add Flowers to a Synthetic Yard

There’s no need to worry about a synthetic yard preventing you from enjoying flowers in your garden. In fact, most people find that turf helps them cultivate a healthier, livelier and prettier garden than ever before. Try the following ideas:

Use raised flower beds.

An easy way is to install raised flower beds around the edges of your backyard. This allows you to add pops of color around the lawn without affecting the turf. You can buy ready-made beds, or build them yourself using railway sleepers and logs. Fill with topsoil and compost, and you can start planting anything you want in there.

Plant your flowers in containers and pots.

Another practical idea is to put your flowers in pots and containers. This allows you to put them on the lawn directly if you want to. You can also move them around as much as you like to suit your changing tastes or to find the perfect arrangement.

Select containers with drainage holes so that your flowers don’t get stuck in stagnant water. Don’t worry about watering your flowers on artificial grass in San Antonio, TX. Top-quality turf systems come with efficient porous backings that can drain several gallons of water per minute. No flooding, no puddles, just a dry surface and well-hydrated plants!

Fit the Turf around Existing Flower Beds

Do you have existing, mature flowerbeds you’d like to keep? A skilled installation team can fit turf around these flower beds without disturbing them.

Synthetic grass can be made to fit any space and cut to size. Because of this, there’s no need to uproot your beloved garden just to make way for a low-maintenance lawn. With this approach, you end up with a totally unique look by making the beautifully green turf fit snugly around the flowers in your yard.

Hang Up Flower Baskets

Give your backyard a new breath of life using hanging baskets. By hanging flowers around and all over your lawn, you get to beautify the space without touching the turf.

Hanging baskets come in many types of material. Go rustic with wood and woven materials, or infuse a modern touch with wire baskets. Once you’ve chosen which baskets you want, look for a tree or wall to hang the flower baskets from. This is a wonderful chance to get creative and fill your yard with flowers in a way that really draws attention.

These are just a few of the many ways to beautify your home using artificial grass installation in San Antonio, TX. For more creative and fun ideas, call Amazing Turf and Lawn today at 210-899-0516.