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How to Accessorize Your Putting Green Turf Like a Pro

Top Accessories for a Realistic Backyard Putting Green - amz 1

Installing putting green turf in your San Antonio backyard brings the joy of golf home. But, like many of our clients, you may be wondering if it can actually deliver a realistic putting experience. The answer is yes, especially when you add a few key accessories like the ones below.

Outfit Your Green with Regulation Cups and Flagsticks

As any golfer knows that the hole and cup are the heart of any putting green. Investing in a high-quality, tournament-style cup and flag takes your green to the next level. 

Opt for a stainless steel or cast aluminum cup that will stand up to years of putts clanging off the lip. Match it with a regulation-height fiberglass flagstick and polyester flag in your favorite colors. With an authentic cup and flag combo, your artificial turf putting green looks and feels just like the real deal.

Add Markers and More

You’ll also want to outfit your new putting paradise with markers to simulate long putts. Distance markers placed 10, 20 or even 30 feet from the hole help you practice lag putting and hitting your mark. Or tee up approach shots to the green using practice mats and impact balls that protect your turf. Precision tools like magnetic ball markers, ball retrievers, customized yardage books, and club brushes prove you mean business.

Customize Your Green for Skill Building

The more the merrier when it comes to accessories that allow you to replicate different putting scenarios. Contoured foam shaping allows you to create subtle breaks and slopes. 

Portable sand traps, chipping baskets with multiple holes, and fans to simulate wind introduce fun new challenges. Revolutionize your skills with video analysis, pressure putt trainers, or adjustable tee mounts. Advanced tech like laser putt lines takes the guesswork out of reading tricky greens.

Don’t Forget to Enjoy Your Putting Green!

With the right accessories, you can curate custom putting experiences right in your own yard. Stage epic putting competitions with friends and family. Dial in your short game through winter or monsoon seasons. How you enjoy your putting green is completely up to you!

The convenience, personalization and realism of backyard putting greens in San Antonio helps lower scores on the course. And as a bonus, upgrading your green with flashy features may raise eyebrows of golf-loving homebuyers should you ever decide to sell your home.

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