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How a Putting Green Complements the Best Artificial Grass in San Antonio TX

Replacing natural grass with the best artificial grass in San Antonio TX will free up so much of your time. Imagine not having to mow, water, cut or fertilize your yard ever again. You can actually enjoy your backyard this time, instead of worrying about keeping your grass lawn alive. Many San Antonio homeowners, after realizing the benefits of synthetic turf, decide to invest in an artificial putting green as well.

artificial grass putting greens

A Putting Green is Fun for All, Not Just for Golfers

While golfers have much to gain from artificial putting green installation, non-players do, too. For instance, it’s a great way to entertain your guests during summer BBQs, birthdays and other gatherings. Stressed at work? Take your putter and sink a few holes to relieve stress.

Furthermore, you don’t have to go for a formal putting green. Installers can also use an artificial putting green surface to create a mini-golf course. Feel free to add kid-friendly mini-golf features like small roller coasters, colorful designs and more!

Putting Green Turf Makes Your Yard More Environmentally Friendly

You don’t usually hear “artificial” and “environmentally friendly” in the same sentence. However, both apply to synthetic putting greens!

Similar to synthetic turf for landscapes, putting green turf is eco-friendlier than the real thing. Check out its green advantages:

• Doesn’t waste water

• No need for harsh treatments like pesticides and weedicides that can poison the soil and water sources

• Doesn’t need chemical fertilizers to stay lush and green

• Pest-free

• Recyclable

• Doesn’t contribute to landfills, because it can last for 10 years or more

     If you want a yard that’s fun, beautiful and good for the environment, artificial grass is the way to go.

A Synthetic Putting Green Will Boost the Value of Your Home

Real estate figures show that homes with landscaping are worth up to 10% more than those without. That’s why synthetic turf is an excellent selling point because it guarantees a landscape that’s guaranteed to look perfect for a long time.

On top of that, homebuyers naturally prefer properties with extra features. Putting green means years of fun during weekends, parties and other backyard gatherings.

Finally, properties often stay on the market for a while before getting sold. With an artificial backyard, your home is always ready for viewing. No need to delay an open house, just because you have to trim the grass or mow your lawn.

In short, synthetic grass is the first step towards making your home more attractive to buyers.

5 Ways to Customize Your Backyard Putting Green

On top of being fun, green and a value booster, putting greens are also infinitely customizable. Here are some ways to personalize the best artificial grass for San Antonio TX putting greens:

• Integrate your yard’s natural topography into the design.

Integrate the place’s natural slopes, inclines and terrain into the design instead of leveling them. It’s an incredibly organic way to spice up your putting green.

• Up the difficulty level of your course with obstacles.

Why settle for a simple strip when synthetic turf allows for the wildest customizations? Personalize and make your course more challenging simultaneously by incorporating obstacles into its design. Sand traps, water impediments, chipping areas, tee boxes, dips and elevations are great starters.

• Decide on the number of holes carefully.

You can have a single-hole or a multiple-hole putting green depending on the square foot of your backyard. If it’s small, one hole may be the best option for optimal putting. Otherwise, scatter several holes throughout your course to add variety to your game experience.

• Mix various types of artificial turf.

Since it’s not alive, you can use different kinds of artificial grass in San Antonio TX for your putting green. Feel free to combine artificial turf of varying hues, pile heights and textures. Ask your synthetic turf installers for recommendations to refine your combinations.

• Use plants and décor strategically.

Aside from obstacles, you can also use trees, shrubberies, plants  and outdoor décor to spice up your synthetic greens. Use them to obscure dips and elevations or tuck them invisible but out-of-the-way locations to up your greens aesthetic appeal. You can also employ them as unconventional obstacles.

Because so many things go into the perfect putting green, you’ll want to leave it to the experts. They have everything from accessories like galvanized nails, seam tape, decomposed granite, drop spreader and plate compactors, to the highest quality putting green turf.

All that’s left for you to do? Sit back, get your golf clubs ready and relax until they’re done!

Get Creative with Your Synthetic Putting Green Installation

The sky’s the limit when it comes to putting green installation. You can mimic the layout of your favorite country club course, design your own or let our putting green designers help you.

Want to design unique spaces for your kids and pets, too? We also offer artificial grass installation in San Antonio TX for playgrounds, dog runs and much more. Call Amazing Turf and Lawn today at 956-628-4120 for a free estimate!