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7 Accessories for a More Fun and Challenging Putting Green

7 Artificial Putting Green Accessories to Boost Your Game - amazingturflawn 3

At Amazing Turf and Lawn, we know that a high-quality artificial putting green is just the beginning of creating your ultimate backyard golf oasis. The right accessories can take your putting practice from mundane to extraordinary, helping you fine-tune your short game in a setting that feels like a personal golf course.

We’ve installed countless artificial grass putting greens in San Antonio, TX, and along the way, we’ve discovered the must-have accessories that transform a simple green into an immersive practice area. Here are our top seven picks:

  1. Putting Cups and Pins 

Every great putting green needs holes, and not just any holes – realistic cups that mimic what you find on the course. Look for regulation-size cups designed specifically for artificial grass. Pair these with pin flags for an authentic look and to help you visualize your target from a distance.

  1. Fringe and Rough Turf

While your primary surface will have short, dense turf, adding sections of longer fringe and rough around the edges creates a more dynamic practice area. This allows you to work on a variety of shots and adds visual interest to your green. We can help you select the perfect artificial grass varieties to complement your main surface.

  1. Contoured Sections

Contouring allows you to introduce slopes and undulations to your flat putting green. We can customize yours in different shapes and can be rearranged to create a variety of challenging breaks. They are a game-changer for serious golfers looking to sharpen their skills.

  1. Hitting Mats

Putting is paramount, but why stop there? Incorporate a hitting mat into your setup to practice chipping and pitching. Choose a mat with realistic artificial turf that simulates fairway or rough conditions. Some even come with built-in alignment guides and stance mats to help groove a consistent swing.

  1. Putting Mirrors and Alignment Aids

Small tweaks in your alignment can make a big difference in your accuracy. Putting mirrors and other training aids provide instant feedback on your eye position, shoulder alignment, and stroke path. They are invaluable tools for developing a consistent, repeatable stroke.

  1. Ball Return Systems

Tired of chasing balls after every putt? A ball return system is a putting green luxury you didn’t know you needed. These clever contraptions catch your putts and return the ball to you, making your practice sessions more efficient and enjoyable. They are especially handy for repetitive drills and can be easily installed on most artificial greens. 

  1. Lighting for Night Practice

Don’t let the setting sun cut your practice sessions short. Putting green lighting allows you to extend your hours of play and adds a touch of ambiance to your backyard golf getaway. Look for specialized putting green lights that provide ample illumination without creating glare on the turf.

Learn More About Backyard Putting Greens

At Amazing Turf and Lawn, we’re not just artificial grass installers – most of our team love golf just like you and we bring that into every putting green we install.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a serious scratch golfer, we can help you create a backyard putting green that fits both your game and your lifestyle. Got more questions about artificial grass greens? Send us a message or call 210-960-2097 to set up your free consultation.