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Can You Put Artificial Grass on Steps?

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Yes, you can install synthetic grass in Texas on steps, stairways, and similar structures. With the material’s innate flexibility and durability, artificial turf can conform to and withstand foot traffic on inclines. Here are some key properties that make it an ideal stair surface:

  • Flexibility – Quality artificial grass blades are made of polyethylene or polypropylene. They are soft and malleable enough to follow the shape and contour of stairs without folding over or developing creases.
  • Durability – Advanced backing technologies lend strength and longevity to artificial grass. The material’s tightly woven backing secures the blades in place to withstand regular foot traffic on steps for years.
  • Low Maintenance – Artificial grass does not require watering, fertilizing or mowing to maintain its appearance. Rinsing it periodically and brushing the blades upright keeps it looking lush without heavy upkeep.

Customizable – With various blade lengths, thatch layers, and infill options available, artificial grass can be tailored to perfectly suit stairs based on usage and aesthetic preferences.

Why Put Artificial Grass on Steps?

Installing synthetic turf on stairways comes with many attractive benefits:

  • AestheticsArtificial turf for yard applications lends a perfectly manicured, elegant look to otherwise bland steps and pathways. Its bright hue and lush texture make concrete stairs stand out.
  • Safety – Unlike with natural grass, artificial turf offers stable, uniform traction even during damp conditions thanks to its slip-resistant thatch backing. This makes steps safer to tread on.
  • Convenience – You’ll never have to worry about maintaining real grass on inconvenient angles and slopes again. Artificial turf retains its appearance without demanding lawn care.
  • Seamlessness – Matching synthetic grass between level lawns, sloped landscapes, and steps creates beautiful continuity for a polished, professional finish.

Installing Artificial Turf on Stairs is Not a DIY Job

While artificial grass steps tick many boxes when done right, it’s not a DIY job. It’s trickier to install turf on steps and stairways than a backyard, and poor workmanship can result in the following issues:

  • Drainage Problems – Poor drainage results in water pooling, which can damage artificial grass backing over time while increasing slip risks. At Amazing Turf and Lawn, we don’t just roll and stick synthetic grass on steps. We first evaluate the drainage quality on and around the steps, and if needed, we’ll design a custom drainage system to manage water runoff efficiently.
  • Structural Issues – Prep work is a critical part of artificial grass installation, especially on stairways and steps. We’ll check the structural integrity of the existing hardscape. For instance, are there cracks or broken areas? Is there mold present? We’ll coordinate with you to fix these issues before we begin. 
  • Material Selection – Depending on where your steps are located and its primary function, we’ll help you select the right type of artificial grass and accessories for the installation. If it’s a high traffic area, for example, we might recommend a shorter pile height. If the steps are mostly decorative, we may recommend a thicker pile with thatch for more realism.

Installing artificial grass on stairways and steps is an incredibly technical process that’s best left to professionals. 

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