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8 Hidden Perks of Artificial Turf Installation in San Antonio, TX for Pool Decking

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Whether relaxing poolside or playing games in the backyard, many Texas homeowners desire to fully enjoy their outdoor spaces. Unfortunately, the scorching San Antonio summer climate can make traditional turf difficult to maintain around an in-ground pool.

But don’t say goodbye to having a lush, green lawn around your pool just yet. With an artificial turf installation in San Antonio, TX, you can enjoy the perks of a poolside lawn along with these eight awesome secret perks:

1. Water Conservation

San Antonio experiences hot, dry summers, so conserving water is crucial. Natural grass requires frequent watering to stay green and healthy.

On the flip side, artificial turf never needs watering once installed. It can save thousands of gallons of water per year that can be used elsewhere or returned to the local supply.

2. Low Maintenance Living

Real grass demands regular upkeep like mowing, edging, weeding, watering, and treating for pests and diseases. Artificial grass eliminates these chores, as it never grows too long, deters weeds and pests, and is immune to turf diseases.

It’s easy to brush off dirt and debris from poolside synthetic turf. Occasionally spraying it with a hose is often enough for routine cleaning.

3. Children and Pets Are Welcome

Kids and pets can safely play on artificial turf without risking pesticide exposure and bug bites. The synthetic grass blades pose no health hazards like allergy-triggering pollen. They’re also resistant to pet waste, so you don’t have to worry about dog poop or pee ruining them.

A few moments are all it takes to spray away odor from an artificial turf installation in San Antonio, TX. No more sanitizing a whole yard after pets use the restroom. Everyone can enjoy the outdoor space together without worry.

4. Reliability in All Seasons

While real grass only thrives in  select temperatures and conditions, artificial turf can withstand anything Mother Nature throws its way. Rain can’t drown it, winter won’t kill it, and droughts can’t dry it out.

On top of that, the turf’s resilient materials won’t form mud patches or deteriorate from constant foot traffic or weather extremes.

5. Safety and Accessibility

An artificial turf installation in San Antonio, TX creates a safe, level surface around pools. No tripping hazards exist from uneven, rocky, bumpy, or wet natural grass. The turf’s textured fibers provide excellent traction, too, preventing slips even when surfaces are wet.

6. Minimal Noise Disturbance

While real lawns require maintenance like frequent mowing that produces noise, artificial turf never needs such disruptive care. In short, artificial grass allows peaceful enjoyment of the pool and outdoor area without intrusive sounds.

7. Environmental Support

Though artificial turf has a smaller upfront carbon footprint than natural grass installations, its ongoing environmental perks are even more impressive. Once set up, synthetic lawns require no extra water, gas, pesticides, or fertilizers that deplete resources and pollute the environment.

Chemicals won’t contaminate pool water, and artificial turf sequesters carbon in its materials long-term. Homeowners gain environmental benefits like improved air quality without compromising their family’s outdoor enjoyment or lifestyle.

8. Increased Curb Appeal and Value

Replacing a worn-out natural lawn with vibrant, lush artificial grass boosts any home’s curb appeal. This aesthetic advantage enhances property values compared to unkept, patchy poolside yards.

Enjoy the Pool Perks of Synthetic Turf

With its many benefits for families, the environment, and homeowners’ budgets and schedules, artificial turf proves a wise choice for pool decking.

Here at Amazing Turf and Lawn, we offer premium synthetic grasses and expert installation services. We’ll evaluate your poolside area, discuss options, and provide a customized quote for the perfect outdoor transformation.

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