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Want a Pristine Lawn That Your Kids Can’t Ruin? Artificial Grass in San Antonio, TX Is the Answer

Child-Proofs Yards with Artificial Grass

If you have kids that love to play outside, achieving a picture-perfect lawn is a tough challenge. Children can ruin the turf in no time, leaving patches of flat, thin turf in their wake. You can try boosting grass growth with chemicals, but those chemicals might make your little ones sick. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to have a beautiful, child-proof lawn: install artificial grass in San Antonio, TX.

Here are some of the ways it can child-proof your yard:

Tough Turf

Artificial grass is made of synthetic fibers that are woven together tightly, so they can withstand a lot of foot traffic. This also keeps the installation from developing tears or holes when your kids run on it.

Foot traffic can bend synthetic grass blades, but don’t worry. They’ll spring right back up again once the pressure is gone, unlike natural grass which will break from the force.

Turf areas that get a lot of traffic might not spring back, but that’s easy to fix. You just have to comb it up with a plastic brush to help the fibers stand straight again.

Secured Seams

Artificial turf installers secure the seams of artificial grass in San Antonio, TX with edging.

Edging is a special strip of metal, plastic or wood that goes along the edges of a synthetic lawn. It helps hold down any loose fibers and prevent them from being ripped out by foot traffic or other activities.

In short, even if your kids are fond of playing near the edges of your artificial lawn, they won’t be able to damage its seams.


Food and drinks are bad news for natural grass. They can leave the surface sticky, attract bugs and even affect the quality of the soil. The worst part is that you can’t just clean it up because cleaning solutions can poison the turf.

But that’s not a problem for synthetic turf because it’s washable. You can scrub and rinse the best artificial grass in San Antonio, TX as much as you want without damaging it.

More Benefits of Artificial Grass for Kids

Aside from child-proofing your yard, artificial grass will also help keep your kids safe as they play.

Artificial grass is even and doesn’t hide any tripping hazards. It also doesn’t get slippery when wet, which reduces the risk of children slipping on it.

Moreover, synthetic turf is soft and often comes with a padded layer. So if your kids do take a tumble while playing on it, the synthetic turf can absorb the impact and reduce the risk of injuries.

Child-Proof Your Lawn With an Artificial Turf Installation in San Antonio, TX

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