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How Can You Keep the Best Artificial Grass in San Antonio, TX Clean When You Have Dogs?

Many pet owners switch to the best artificial grass in San Antonio, TX out of frustration. Dogs love nothing better than playing on real grass— except destroying it, that is. Worse, their feces and urine can turn a perfect yard into a stinky, messy nightmare.

But there’s hope yet, and the solution is synthetic turf. Dogs can’t kill it with their urine. They can’t dig it up or rip it out. Their little paws can try, but they can never damage a well-built artificial lawn.

Now, for the most common question we get about pet turf— how easy is it to clean? Not very hard at all!

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How to Clean Dog Waste from Artificial Grass

As early as now, know that caring for artificial grass in San Antonio, TX is much easier than a natural lawn. No need to mow, water, cut, hedge, fertilize and most other lawn chores you’re used to.

That ease of maintenance applies to artificial turf for dogs as well. Here is everything you need to do to keep it clean and pristine:

Pick Up Solid Waste as Soon as You Can

For solids, scoop them up as soon as possible. This helps you stay on top of the bacteria and odor. Simply pick them up with a poo bag and throw them away. You don’t need to wash the spot unless the feces has a liquid consistency.

Rinse Out Urine ASAP

Ever notice how the grass in your dog’s favorite potty spots is usually brown or dead? That’s because their urine is rich in nitrogen. In small amounts, it acts as grass fertilizer. But expose live turf to it frequently, and it will quickly kill the grass.

You’ll never run into this problem again when you switch to artificial turf in San Antonio, TX. Nitrogen won’t affect it at all. Artificial grass combines robust materials like polyurethane that won’t get scalded, discolored, nor damaged by your dog’s urine.

Moreover, synthetic turf has a built-in drainage system that clears out urine the same way it drains rainwater. Don’t worry about smells, either. Just rinse out the spot with a mild soap and water solution to keep foul odors away!

Brush the Blades from Time to Time

No matter how hard they try, even the most determined dogs won’t be able to damage the best artificial grass in San Antonio, TX. Let them run, jump or roll around to their hearts’ content! At the end of the day, your synthetic lawn will remain as perfect as it was on day one.

However, expect some natural wear and tear to happen. Eventually, high levels of usage and foot traffic can flatten down the turf fibers. Restore your synthetic yard’s lush texture by merely brushing it up.

Use a brush with synthetic or plastic bristles to avoid damaging the turf fibers. Brush against the direction of the blades. Schedule it two to three times a year, or whenever you feel your yard can use some fluffing up.

Enjoy Effortless Lawn Care with Artificial Grass!

Dreaming of a clean, pristine and pet-friendly yard? It’s possible with artificial grass! Not only do dogs love it, but it’s eco-friendly, versatile and perfect for putting green too. Start building your low-maintenance lawn. Call Amazing Turf & Lawn at 210-899-0516 today!