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Artificial Grass in San Antonio TX: 3 Watering Mistakes that Can Kill Your Natural Lawn

Unlike artificial grass in San Antonio TX, natural grass is vulnerable to almost everything. It is sensitive to drought, diseases and infestation. Fertilizers, pesticides, weed killers, soil type and pet urine can negatively affect it. And the list goes on! 


Even something it needs to survive, such as water, can cause it to die.

Are you struggling with dead grass, brown patches, mud or even mold? You may be committing these watering mistakes:

Watering Too Much and Too Often

Natural lawns require less water than you think. Over-watering is one of the fastest ways to kill your grass. Unfortunately, the average San Antonio homeowner knows they should water their lawns, but not exactly how much.

For instance, the frequency and amount of irrigation are determined by grass variety. For example, Augustine only needs 3/4 inches of water every week, while Bermuda needs about an inch weekly.

This also changes based on the season. A San Antonio lawn requires less water during the fall than it does in the summer.

Sure, you can invest in an automatic sprinkler, but it doesn’t factor in soil conditions, grass type and even daily weather conditions such as rain. As a result, many natural lawns are swampy, parched or worse, both.

Not Watering Early Enough

Early morning is the best time to water your lawn because it’s less likely for the grass to burn. It also allows water to seep deeper into the soil. The problem is many of us are rushing out the door to go to work, which means we only have time to water the grass at night if at all.

There’s the option of paying someone to do it for you, but when you’re already paying a fortune on watering your lawn, this can become an added financial burden.

Using the Wrong Watering Equipment

Before you purchase an automatic sprinkler system, make sure that its diameter is large enough to irrigate your lawn. Otherwise, you’ll have to run your sprinkler for too long, driving up your water bill and potentially drenching the area.

This also holds true when using a water hose, especially if you’re going to use one of those long and unwieldy garden hoses. They usually have a diameter too small to properly water your lawn, particularly the corner areas.

Stop Worrying About Water, Start Enjoying Your Lawn with Artificial Grass

If you want to stop spending thousands of dollars every year on water, maintenance and the extra costs associated with owning a natural lawn, then artificial grass in San Antonio TX is the answer.

There are only three situations in which you’ll need to water artificial grass products:

  • When your dog pees or poops on it
  • When you spill something on it
  • When you see it getting dirty 

Even then, you don’t have to do it too often. 

Mowing, pulling up weeds, trimming, fertilizing and seasonal care? No longer necessary!. 

The only thing left after artificial grass installation is to enjoy your beautiful and fresh-looking synthetic lawn.

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