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6 Savings You’ll Get from Artificial Turf Installation for San Antonio, TX Putting Greens

Artificial Turf Installation in San Antonio, TX for Low-Maintenance Putting

If you want to improve your short game without spending a lot of money, you can’t go wrong with a backyard putting green. It’ll save you money from membership fees, equipment rental and other golf costs. The only downside is that it will cost you some money to maintain natural grass. Don’t want to set aside a budget for turf upkeep? Find the perfect solution in an artificial turf installation in San Antonio, TX.

Synthetic grass doesn’t need much maintenance to stay in great shape. Unlike natural turf, you don’t need to spend on the following upkeep solutions to maintain it.


Natural grass needs water to grow and thrive, but it also needs to be irrigated regularly. If you don’t water your natural grass, it will die. This means big water bills, especially during summer when the turf needs more water than usual to survive.

Artificial grass doesn’t need water to stay healthy. You can save yourself time and money by using it for your putting green.

Custom Irrigation Systems

An irrigation system will cost you around $1 per square foot to install. That can vary depending on how much manual labor you’re willing to put into the project. This can be offset by savings from not having to water the grass manually.

The only time artificial turf installation in San Antonio, TX needs water is when it needs cleaning. There’s no need to set up an irrigation system for it.

Mowing Fuel

Mowing is one of the most expensive parts of maintaining a golf course. Lawnmower fuel can cost as much as $0.15 per gallon and this adds up quickly. After all, you need to mow natural turf regularly to keep it short and perfect for golf play.

Artificial grass maintains the same height and density no matter how much time passes. That means you can forget about mowing, much less buying mower fuel, once you go synthetic.

Lawn Care Tools

You’ll need to buy tools, like mowers, edgers and weed trimmers, to keep a natural putting green playable. These tools aren’t cheap and if you don’t already have them, they’ll cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Most lawn care tools are designed to keep the grass short and neat. Artificial turf in San Antonio, TX doesn’t grow, so there’s no need to buy and use most tools. You’ll probably only need a leaf blower to make removing leaves from your green a breeze, but that’s optional.


You’ll have to spray your natural golf turf with insecticides frequently because a lot of bugs love eating and burrowing into the grass. This can set you back hundreds of dollars per year.

Insects don’t like artificial grass because they can’t eat it and they find its fibers uncomfortable. There’s no need to spray solutions to keep them at bay.


You’ll also have to fertilize your natural putting green regularly if you want it to stay healthy all year round. This can cost you about $20 per month on average depending on how much fertilizer you use.

Synthetic grass doesn’t need fertile soil to stay lush and green. That means you don’t need to fertilize the soil underneath it at all.

Save Money with the Best Artificial Grass in San Antonio, TX

You don’t have to spend a fortune on your backyard putting green to keep it in great shape. Just build it with artificial grass and it’ll last for up to 10 years or more with minimal upkeep.

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